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Healthy habits are valuable to pursue in our day-to-day lives because they give us structure. These daily habits and routines play an important role in how well we sleep, the levels of our stress, and our overall health. 

Here is a list of different tips you may want to consider when finding healthy habits: 

Foods that help with proper digestion 

Food is part of the human experience, we all need it to survive! Food can add a lot of value to the human experience, especially considering all the options people have. However, what we indulge in may not always be good for us and can lead to stomach-related issues due to concerns such as a need for fibre or probiotic-rich nourishments in our diet.

Try incorporating these foods into your diet, which can help with proper digestion:

  • Yogurt 
  • Apples 
  • Whole grains 
  • Ginger 
  • Dark green vegetables (i.e. spinach, kale, broccoli) 

Drink water to start off your day 

Staying hydrated throughout the day can oftentimes be forgotten. That is why it’s so important to start your day off right! Did you know that the body of a human is 60% water? Your vital organs require water to function. 

An easy way you can increase your water intake is by filling up a water bottle the night before, and when you wake up, having it by your bedside. There is also reminder apps available that help you remember to drink your water throughout the day. 

Have at least 1 activity per day that helps with your mental health 

Physical health is important– but we can forget mental health is just as essential. Our emotional, intrapersonal, and social welfare are all involved inadequate mental wellness. 

Weekly or daily activities you may want to consider are;

  • Exercise (short, 10 minute daily walks if you don’t have the time)
  • Sketching
  • Yoga
  • Going on drives to clear your mind
  • Joining an intramural sport 
  • Learning an instrument 
  • Reading 
  • Sitting down at a cafe and enjoying a cup of coffee  


In addition to all these habits, you can always take a daily vitamin and kick start your health! Click here for a variety of vitamins and minerals for different needs. 

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