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As 2021 ends and we enter the new year, there is an excitement of opportunities, growth, and goals to start and commit to. Goals can include fitness, health and wellness, and an array of other possibilities. These goals take consistency and commitment for the betterment of you. 

These goals can be hard to reach, but we have some tips to help you stay on track and reach your goals in 2022 using SMART goals. SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based.  

Specific Goals 

The ‘S’ in SMART can be understood as having specific, detailed goals and asking yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?” This is the beginning of a goal you would like to set for yourself, i.e. Taking more vitamins or learning a new skill. 

Measurable Goals 

‘M’ in SMART stands for measurable– how are you going to measure your progress? Are you going to achieve your goals through committing an hour a day or week, or are these goals going to be measured by your own set of milestones you would like to track?

There are many ways to measure! In the case of the vitamins example, this could be measured through taking your vitamins once a day, every day. 

Attainable Goals 

Attainable goals or the ‘A’ in SMART, asks the question of how will you do to attain these goals? You’ll need to find what skills/tools are needed. If your goal is taking more vitamins, this can be actually purchasing the vitamins

Relevant Goals

Relevant goals refer to asking the question, “Is this relevant for where I am right now in life?”. This point helps us look at the bigger picture– and stay realistic. Does this goal aid you in your long-term objectives and align with your values? This goal should be important and help you achieve your larger goals. For example, taking vitamins can help you achieve your overall goal of living a healthy lifestyle. 


Lastly, the ‘T’ in SMART stands for time-based. What is the overall time frame for achieving this goal? Make sure your goals are set in a realistic timeframe. Having a target date helps you see the end goal and keep you on track and motivated. 

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