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Your immune health is vital, especially during a pandemic. The immune system aids and protects you from harmful germs and cell changes in your body. Our immune systems essentially act as a defence mechanism against bacteria, viruses, and diseases that want to harm the body. 

Take care of your immune health! Here are some tips to keep your body and immune system in top shape: 

Incorporate More Fruits and Vegetables into your Diet for Better Immune Health


Fruits and vegetables are great for your health! These food groups help the body gain nutrients needed to fight off different germs that may enter your body. These food groups, many times, are a strong source of vitamin C, which is known for its immune health benefits. 

A list of fruits and vegetables strong in vitamin C and other nutrients that can help boost immune health includes:

  • Citrus fruits (i.e. grapefruit, lemons, oranges) 
  • Red bell peppers 
  • Broccoli 
  • Ginger
  • Yogurt 
  • Green Tea 
  • Tumeric 

If you feel as though you’re not getting enough vitamin C in your diet, check out Canvita’s vitamin C vitamins! 

Vitamins can Boost Immune Health 

Vitamins can be a great source of helping you through fighting different infections. Vitamins that boost immune health, such as vitamins C and D

Vitamin C can help fight the flu and the common cold. It is also an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation in the body. Vitamin D helps the body maintain calcium and is known for reducing the chance of respiratory tract infections.   

Take your Vaccines for Stronger Immune Health 

Vaccines have been proven to be a strong source of protection against harm to your immune health. Health Canada has stated taking vaccination can be one of the most effective ways to protect individuals against COVID-19. For more information on potential side effects and the benefits of vaccines check out their website


It is also important to note that there is no evidence that clearly states vitamins or any other supplements can cure COVID-19. Please consult a doctor if you feel as though you may be ill.

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