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Prenatal vitamins can benefit women who are attempting to get pregnant by providing optimal absorption of nutrients into the body. Preparing the body for pregnancy is important because folic acid and iron are needed in greater amounts than the regular woman, and prenatal vitamins have these increased nutrients. 


Canvita prenatal vitamins also incorporate folate, which supports the earliest and the most critical stages of fetal development. A baby’s spine and brain development within the first trimester and folate are essential for this development. 

Prenatal vitamins should also contain iron, as iron is essential in pregnancy. Iron allows oxygen to follow from the body’s tissues and organs. Iron also helps prevent anemia, which is many times common in early pregnancy.


Studies have also shown that taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy can reduce irregularities when pregnant. This includes neural tube issues, heart defects, and deformities.


If you are wondering if taking prenatal supplements before getting pregnant, please consult a doctor. 

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