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Mental health has been an important topic of conversation over recent years, especially since the announcement of COVID-19. Mental health plays a huge role in how we interact with ourselves and the world around us. Unfortunately, mental health is neglected and this, in turn, can lead to stigmatization.

It is important that we prioritize mental health awareness, so we can live happy and healthier lives. 


Here are 4 ways you can approve your mental health awareness: 


1. Talk about your experiences 

Speaking on our own personal experiences with mental health can lead to conversations that can help encourage not only ourselves but those around us. Initiating conversations around mental health allows for connection. Reach out to someone today and ask them how they are doing! 


2. Speak kindly to others

How we speak to others may not be a big deal to us, but it could mean a lot to those around us. We may not know what those we have short interactions with are going through; whether that be the barista making your coffee or the stranger you smiled at. Our words have the power to change someone’s day, be kind!


3. Encouraging mental and physical support initiatives and supports 

There are great programs, initiates and advocate groups encouraging people to pursue healthy mental and physical support. These initiatives also need support! This can be through financial, or volunteering. These groups play a huge role in educating and destigmatizing conversations around mental health. 


4. Take your vitamins! 

Studies have shown vitamins can help with mental health. Our physical bodies contribute to our health and we should be aiming to eat healthily. Try out our vitamins today!

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